Dedicated To Helping Marine Life Affected By The Gulf Oil Spill

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Welcome to our web site. We are passionate about helping the marine animals affected by the Gulf oil spill. We want to help raise awareness for this cause - the more people who think about it, the more action will result. Please help us spread the word. The animals need our help!



Why Get Involved?

Because millions of defenseless animals & fish that comprise the extraordinary marine life in our oceans need you! They cannot live in oil soaked water. They need our help to rescue them and give them clean water. Not many people are physically able to travel to the Gulf Coast region to assist personally but all of us can pitch in with a dollar or ten dollars or 20 dollars or 100 dollars or more! Any amount can help the efforts of those folks who can be front and center helping rescue these defenseless animals from this oily disaster! Please help now.

The Dirty Water Counter .........
From the explosion on April, 20, 2010 to finally being declared a dead well on September, 19, 2010, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico lasted for:
152 Days (Five Months)


- BP declares oil well dead on 9/19/2010

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